Friday, August 29, 2008

New Town

I am living in Washington, D.C. now. I work for the National Council of Churches Ecojustice Program a stone's throw from the Capitol. Most of my blogging now can be seen at: I do intend to keep this "Confessions of an EarthQuaker" blog up. Over the years of my inconsistent work here on this blog, I have had many conversations that furthered my understanding of ethical and spiritual issues. Bicycle riders, Quakers, other people of faith, old friends, and plain folks have contacted me here, challenged me, agreed with me, gone far past my understandings, and perhaps most importantly, joked with me.

I'm grateful, and I'll try to keep up with this discussion. I am doing a big experiment right now, called "Try to change the system from the top." Hmmm... Doesnt' sound like what Jesus said, does it?