Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Christian Peacemaker Teammate...

New Adventures! Yes, I have given up on the Red Cross--I am experiencing an absolutely nauseating effect from running around in circles. It is time to get with the faith-based action!

I applied for Christian Peacemaker Teams corps program in September. Their corps program requires a one month training at their headquarters in Chicago. It is a two year program of accompaniment and intervention (their slogan is "Getting in the Way") in places of conflict around the world. The trainings are offered twice a year, in the two most unpleasant months to be in Chicago--January and July. To me, January is very preferable to July for being in Chi-town. Before you can even take the training, however, you must participate in what CPT calls a delegation. These delegations are mostly international, and therefore costly. However, this October 22-29th there is a borderlands delegation in Arizona. This Arizona delegation is the only one I can attend given time and money, before the January training. Also, it is really cool...

Jim Corbett, a Quaker scholar and activist, was intensely involved with the Sanctuary Movement during the eighties. He has furthered the thinking about transforming government by taking Thoreau and Gandhi's work with civil disobedience further with a concept called "civil initiative." I don't quite understand it, but instead of disobeying the law, getting arrested, and pleading guilty, the activist actually upholds the law--usually international. So, for instance, since the U.S. had signed international agreements that said that it would never deport political refugees, its policy regarding undocumented El Salvadorans in the eighties was in violation of the agreement. Immigration officials routinely deported these folks, even if they faced persecution or even execution if they showed up in thier country of origin. So, Americans who were providing sanctuary to these refugees were actually agents of the law, and said as much in court. Very interesting. Here's the bulletin:

October 19th, 2005

To help to defer the $400 cost of Carl's latest escapade, please contact Christian Peacemaker Teams at 773-277-0253, or e-mail You can also send a cheque directly to Christian Peacemaker Teams, P.O. Box 6508, Chicago, Illinois, 60680-6508. Specify that your tax-deductible donation is to support Carl Magruder's participation in the Arizona Borderlands delegation October 22-29th. It is tax deductible! I Thank you for your support.


Carl Magruder, an EarthQuaker from Nevada City, Californina will arrive in Arizona on Saturday October 22nd as part of a delegation sponsored by Christian
Peacemaker Teams (CPT). More than 200 migrants have died in the Arizona
borderlands over each of the past two years, as tightened borders have led
economic migrants to risk their lives in the inhospitable desert. Douglas,
Arizona, where CPT will have a project throughout the summer, is considered
the most militarized city in the U.S. because of large presence of U.S.
Border Patrol agents. Anti-immigrant vigilantes have been active in the
region as well, including the "Minutemen."
Members of the CPT delegation will monitor human rights, engage in
violence-deterrance activities, and confront unjust immigration policies
through nonviolent public witness. They will also meet on both sides of the
border with human rights groups, government officials, and individuals
affected by immigration policies.

The EarthQuaker will return on November 5th ready to share what he has learned
about the challenges facing the people of the Arizona border region.
Christian Peacemaker Teams is an initiative of the historic peace churches
(Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Quakers) with support and
membership from a range of Catholic and Protestant denominations. CPT send
teams of trained peacemakers to places of conflict around the world, with a
seasonal presence in the Arizona borderlands since May, 2004. For more
information about CPT contact the Chicago office at 773-277-0253, e-mail


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Blogger marianna said...

hi carl-
where do these people who left the messages above come from. they seem to be crawling all over the place.
i finally got my call from the red cross and i am not too happy. i am going to virginia, to a call center. karen told me some stories about doing this work. taking down information and everyone getting denied help in the end.
we'll see how far and frustrating i will get. if nothing else, perhaps i can expose some of the situations. yeah, yeah, i know, the fox and the sour grapes at work here.
good luck with your quest.

6:56 PM, October 19, 2005  
Blogger Rebecca Sullivan said...

Yo Carl
i am glad that you are moving on but at the sametime you are not allowed to leave us in the dust. we miss you and your rants. it is boring without Carl in class.
have a fun time in Arizona

7:29 PM, October 20, 2005  
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